March 3, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – March 5, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
Custom House
281 Front St
Key West, FL 33040
$175 - $200
Adele Williams
305 295 6616 Ext 115
The Tools of Travel Photography @ Custom House | Key West | Florida | United States

Presented by David H. Wells.

Updated Schedule:

Friday, March 3: 6-8pm: Presentation @ Custom House

Saturday,  March 4: 9am-12pm: Workshop/lessons @ Custom House

Saturday, March 4: 12pm-2:30pm approx. Conch Shell Blowing contest (+ lunch)

Saturday, March 4: 2:30pm until approx. 8pm: Location shooting with detailed map to be provided in class (walking around old-town)

Sunday, March 5: 6:30-10:30am approx. Location shooting with detailed map to be provided in class  (driving place to place)

Sunday,    March 5: 10:30am – 1:30pm: Student’s individual editing on your own (in your own home or @ Custom House) (+ lunch)

Sunday, March 5:  1:30pm-6pm (approx.) Image critique/review @ Custom House along with final lessons

At its best, travel photography combines two passions, travel and photography. David H. Wells indulges those passions in his work as an award winning internationally travelled publication photographer.

The best travel photographs make the viewer want to go that place, eat that food, meet those people and/or have that experience. The best ones are made not from the viewpoint of an observer but rather from the viewpoint of someone who is actively engaged in the event. Being good at travel photography requires keeping your eyes open to everything happening around you. Good travel photographers must know how to handle their camera, compose great frames as well as work with the existing light or manipulate that same light.

The best travel photographers are versatile in their skills and fluid in their process, using minimal gear to achieve a maximum of results. In this class, David H. Wells explores the skills needed for good travel photography:

• The traveling photographer’s camera and bag • Being in the right place at the right time
• Varying the time of the day
• Understanding the light

• Portraying people
• Stopping action vs showing motion • Thoughts on tripods
• Varying lenses

The workshop features presentations followed by location shooting in scenic Key West, Florida, to practice the lessons. We will photograph on location as a group Saturday afternoon/evening and Sunday morning to apply the techniques discussed in class. Sunday’s final critique of the student’s work will help them fine-tune their portfolios.

In the photographing phase of the workshop, we will explore the proper techniques through a series of shooting exercises. We will also explore how to better understand available light, how it is shaped by the time of day, seasons, the photographer’s positioning, etc. Students will be expected to practice, practice, practice, building the skills they will continue to develop as they move forward in their photography.

When it comes to selecting the best images, most photographers cannot edit their own work because they are too caught up in the content of the image or in the emotional experience they had making the image. In this part of the class we will explore how to edit your photographs effectively by stepping back and looking at the work more analytically and dispassionately.

Sunday afternoon each student brings 100 +/- digital files on a USB drive or Hard Drive and we will edit those down to a top 20 images +/-. At the end of each edit, the student ends up with a top set of images which reflects their artistic strengths, subject matter of interest, etc. Students also learn by watching me do the same edit with the photos of others. In some ways the students learn more watching the same process as it plays out with their peer’s work. The observant students begin to “mentally” edit the other work and they learn about editing (whether or not they agree with my choices.)

David brings to this presentation four decades of experience in photography around the globe. David is also a veteran photo educator who was named one of the Best Workshop Instructors in a PDN Reader Survey.

David H. Wells a free-lance photographer affiliated with Aurora Photos and photo educator in Providence, Rhode Island. He specializes in intercultural communications and the use of light and shadow to enhance visual narratives. Wells is an editorial, commercial and location photographer focusing on multimedia productions and photo-essays for publication and exhibition. Past assignments have been for Life Magazine, National Geographic Publications, the New York Times Magazine and the Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Magazine, to name a few.