On the Waterfront: Truman Annex Artists

January 12, 2018 - April 1, 2018

Custom House Museum | Bryan Gallery

When the U.S. Navy decommissioned and abandoned their base on the western end of Key West, present-day Truman Annex, an opportunity arose for local artists and writers to rent space in the naval warehouses to use as their studios.  For $60 per month, artists such as Dalva Duarte, Judi Bradford, John Martini, Adolph Gucinski and Stephanie Sanchez utilized their waterfront property to create marvelous works of art.  Using Gucinski’s black and white photographs of Key West as a backdrop, the exhibit will feature several historic and contemporary works of art from these artists.  On display in the Bryan Gallery from January 12, 2018 – April 1, 2018.

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