That's Outrageous! Captain Outrageous Retrospective

April 13, 2018 - June 24, 2018

Custom House Museum | Bryan Gallery

That’s Outrageous! is the first major exhibition to examine the artwork of one of Key West’s most famous artists, Captain Outrageous.  Featuring over 40 works, the exhibition explores his pop art style across several different mediums.

A true Key West character, Captain Outrageous, was a financial analyst by trade, who relocated to Key West in the 1970s.  He picked up his paintbrush and painted thousands of items – bicycle, scooters, furniture, cars, camper vans, sinks, musical instruments, toilet seats and telephones.  During his time in Key West, Captain ran for mayor, operated a restaurant called ‘The Last Straw’, participated in several Fantasy Fest parades and opened his own art gallery on Caroline Street.  Suffering a stroke and a heart attack almost simultaneously on the steps of his art gallery, Captain Outrageous passed away, leaving a legacy of stories and artwork that embody the true Key West spirit.

That’s Outrageous! is on display in the Bryan Gallery from April 13, 2018 – June 24, 2018.

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